84653 - Beyond the collection

N. Lygeros

– The instruments aren’t a collection for him.
– I know but why do you say that?
– Because I heard it.
– It’s only from someone who doesn’t really know him.
– They don’t see that they are parts of his being.
– He’s also their shield.
– In fact, he does the same thing with us.
– We are important because we deserve it.
– And we don’t belong to a list.
– What they think it’s only their projection.
– He saved us from oblivion.
– He’s like the harmony mentioned by Leibniz.
– You mean as a link.
– With his light and his essence.
– But they are invisible to non-believers.
– We agree but they exist.
– This fact is not obvious.
– That’s why he drives them crazy.
– They get only what they see.
– And they see only what they get.
– They see the body… not the mind.
– They hear only voice… not the soul.