84654 - The written proofs

N. Lygeros

– You don’t need to pay attention to everything.
– Do you mean that’s a waste of time?
– In fact, it’s possible but…
– But?
– I also think that it’s a question of acceptance.
– Id est?
– The interest exists for the others but it’s essentially superficial.
– Because they see a part of being.
– They see what they admire but the truth remains invisible.
– It’s too deep for them.
– They see the game and not the knight.
– But he’s not just a piece of the game.
– Because he’s unplayable.
– So shake them off.
– Do you mean that we don’t  need  them.
– No need but we accept their existence.
– Everything is so natural…
– When we see with his vision.
– The truth is always deeper.
– And with Time they can believe.
– I see it now.
– I know. He said that you would.