84661 - The force from above

N. Lygeros

– It’s not obvious…
– The difference.
– Yes, between the two powers.
– The power of love comes from the source.
– The power of faith comes from the sea.
– Love doesn’t need faith…
– But faith needs love…
– The sign is a fact.
– Especially in John’s Gospel.
– I notice the difference only now…
– It’s the same from me.
– He saved an unknown person…
– Who didn’t know him.
– This is the proof of the power of love.
– His love was strong enough to create a new believer.
– This is a beautiful paradigm.
– And a fact for us.
– It’s sufficient to change the world.
– It’s our role to diffuse it.
– I know but it’s no simple.
– Diffusion is our duty.
– And protection also.
– We will do both of them.