84662 - The core of the monads

N. Lygeros

– I didn’t know how important it’s  the core of the monads.
– You mean how important it’s the impact of harmony.
– I thought that this idea was rather new.
– But it’s deep.
– It’s a kind of genealogy in mind.
– And we are in the same tree.
– Even leaves belong to the tree.
– Especially when they have its traces.
– The written proofs.
– The harmony is the bridge…
– Between the bodies and the souls.
– Inside his work.
– And the framework of the rest.
– The structure of the board has a great impact on  the pieces.
– But we watch only them…
– Without seeing the invisible part.
– We are beyond any equilibrium.
– That’s why it’s never mentioned.
– Conformity reminds me compatibility.
– It’s the same essence.
– And the same light.