84663 - The answers to the questions

N. Lygeros

– He always answers  to any question.
– Even to the tough ones.
– He knows their fake foundation.
– And it’s always a pleasure at the end.
– After the pressure…
– He’s a protector.
– And not only a savior.
– He protects the tradition.
– Because it’s compatible with the work.
– He never stops at the details.
– Only dogmatism does it.
– He never gets stuck on their question.
– He knows how to avoid the waste of time.
– But he has to resist.
– He drives them crazy.
– They always try to catch him.
– But he’s unplayable…
– He puts them in their place.
– I love when he does this…
– Because you know that he fights against barbarity.
– He has the power to do this.
– With brisance…