84664 - Pure pleasure

N. Lygeros

– It was unimaginable…
– Pure pleasure.
– In every detail.
– From all the sides.
– It’s a new gift.
– It was just a question of asking him.
– Sometimes you need to dare it.
– Oh yes, I know it.
– But it’s always possible.
– One more time.
– Because we don’t need to have regrets.
– For sure.
– And serendipity works.
– With his plasticity it’s not a surprise.
– But the results surprised us.
– He has a way to think which is always good for souls.
– And we get what we deserve.
– That’s how we go high.
– And only one time.
– He’s made for that.
– It’s incredible.
– It’s impressive.
– Even more light and more essence.