84669 - The Eucharist

N. Lygeros

– It’s really cool that we can share his light and his essence.
– He is made for that.
– And also for our pleasure.
– It’s just a question of Time to understand it.
– But you need to dive in it.
– If you stay at the surface you can’t be a believer but just a follower.
– The difference isn’t obvious at the beginning.
– That’s why the majority stays at this level.
– Because they see only the ontology without any teleology.
– It’s maybe too big for them.
– Souls are bigger than life.
– But the problem is to imagine it.
– And it’s impossible to do it without faith.
– They watch the bread but they don’t see the Eucharist.
– They lost the meaning of the symbol.
– That’s why they are unable to see the sign.
– And for them there is no miracle.
– But the reality is simple. They don’t believe.