84670 - The chords

N. Lygeros

– Even the music is different now.
– Each of its instruments has a new sense.
– The player saves his soul.
– With the chords we can listen to it.
– It’s not just an analogy…
– Did you see his fingers?
– I know what you mean.
– And it’s the same for his body.
– But who cares?
– None of the followers.
– And the believers?
– Only those who know what he has to do.
– It’s the same for the souls.
– They talk about the savior but they don’t say anything about the pain.
– Although it’s normal to ask where does it go.
– The islands don’t care about the ocean.
– I’m sure about that but we are different.
– He knows that…
– He sees the chord of souls.
– And we feel his passion.