84671 - The moan and the lick

Ν. Λυγερός

– One thing is incredible with him.
– Only one?
– With the words…
– Even for that.
– And their senses.
– He’s able to reveal their deep sense.
– I’m thinking about the moan.
– It’s not just a complaint.
– Or even a low noise.
– He can find its pleasure.
– And it’s the same for the lick.
– Tell me please.
– It’s not only a short piece of music.
– But?
– Or a small amount of something.
– So?
– He’s able to lick them in a fair fight.
– I know that.
– You are thinking something unfair.
– Exactly.
– So see how he answers in this case.
– Everything is closed.
– Like a shield.
– Like an armour of light.