84672 - The warrior and the fighters

N. Lygeros

– Many persons think that they need to be stronger and harder to survive.
– They are thinking only about equilibrium.
– And they don’t see the harmony.
– They can’t imagine a warrior.
– Because they know only the fighters.
– They don’t love Mankind enough.
– And they don’t know what it’s a prayer.
– It’s impossible for them to imagine a warrior of the love of Mankind and the request of Time.
– But in the struggle we see the difference.
– Too many have only words in their mouth.
– And the Word isn’t accessible for them.
– In fact, they don’t want it.
– Why?
– They are afraid for it.
– They aren’t robust enough.
– They have only their job…
– But not any duty.
– That’s why he’s alone with Humanity.
– And we are in him.