84674 - The awesome work

N. Lygeros

– Even if someone doesn’t believe what he’s really, he can see the awesome work.
– I thought the same thing many years ago.
– Really?
– And the work at that time wasn’t so huge.
– So, there is a difference.
– In fact, it’s pointless.
– And what’s the reason?
– From the beginning it’s too big for them.
– It’s unthinkable…
– When the intelligence is not accessible.
– The work is non understandable.
– And for them there are no signs.
– That’s because they don’t see them.
– For them, it’s sufficient to prove that they are inexistent.
– But it’s wrong.
– I know.
– So even something that it’s a fact for all of us, it’s not obvious for them.
– Exactly.
– It’s a pity.
– Don’t worry about, we continue.
– I know!