84675 - He stands alone

Ν. Λυγερός

– There is no need from others.
– Because he can stand alone.
– Nobody is forced to follow him.
– Nobody is obliged to believe in him.
– Everybody can recognize him.
– Everybody is free.
– He doesn’t waste time with whom doesn’t want to be liberated.
– He helps only whom wants to be helped.
– It was the same with us.
– It’s a question of patience.
– Nor even of willingness.
– Just of power of love.
– There is the core of the faith.
– That’s why the source is full of light and essence.
– From the source to the origin of world.
– This is the link.
– This is the hit.
– If you see this point.
– You get the vision.
– But you have to open yourself.
– This is the trust of love.