84682 - Soul Time

N. Lygeros

– Did you listen to his thought?
– What are you talking about?
– I’m talking about the notion of soul time.
– He said something about that.
– Yes, he did it.
– It was a request!
– Not even a grace…
– A surprise…
– Just a gift.
– He’s talking about us.
– In a way…
– Which way?
– A deep way.
– But is it understandable?
– I think so.
– Shall I know something else?
– No, I don’t think so, but…
– Keep in mind your serendipity.
– Oh! I see.
– May be not exactly but you will get it.
– Great… I can’t wait to listen to this.
– Take your time, each word is important.
– As always.