84719 - No pressure

N. Lygeros

– I felt no pressure.
– It’s better like that.
– It’s a consequence of pure love.
– Everything was open.
– And I saw the flow.
– This was the gift of Time.
– You mean the readiness.
– To dive in the sky.
– To drink each moment of pleasure.
– Just for the pleasure?
– And the joy?
– But also for the continuation.
– It’s multiple like the waves.
– Unique like the ocean.
– Ubique for the souls.
– Is the attainment of ecstasy?
– Through inner technics?
– On the path of light.
– We don’t expect too much…
– And we get always much more.
– This is the duty of generosity.
– It’s really cool.
– And deep.
– Freedom for souls.