84721 - Unpredictable

Ν. Λυγερός

– You are really unpredictable.
– Even when we ask you something that we know.
– The depth of knowledge is huge.
– But it was only a need.
– Only a grace.
– Which creates a part of the work.
– I saw it in three moves.
– With three actions.
– But one unique act.
– With a double hit.
– One more time.
– As often as you want it.
– Don’t say that…
– You never know…
– It’s your freedom.
– We will use it.
– We will valorize it.
– As many times as you desire it.
– But always with something new.
– An innovation.
– A gift for our lives.
– I didn’t know that life…
– Could be like this.
– It’s up to you now to drink its harmony.