84722 - The new reality

Ν. Λυγερός

– I wasn’t able to imagine…
– This new reality…
– It’s deeper than the known…
– But I imagine that it was already here.
– Even before us.
– Like the ocean before the birth of islands.
– Metaphors and allegories.
– Union with truth and perfection.
– The aphoristic presentation is always a door.
– But you need the key to understand it.
– And the key belongs to the door.
– The door is the protection of the key.
– Without key, the world is closed.
– With your key, every world is open.
– The keys are the doors of the universe.
– Mastering the keys permits free journeys.
– We see it for bodies.
– It’s the same for souls.
– They are close at the beginning.
– And you need to be open.
– This is the duty of liberation.
– I know this sign.
– The blood and the body.
– The perfection and the harmony.