84723 - The key soul

Ν. Λυγερός

– Is there any relation with…
– It’s etymology is relevant…
– Yes, indeed that’s why it’s so important.
– I thought that it was…
– But not at this level, I imagine.
– The key is linked with the source.
– A coded relation.
– A relation of code.
– The key soul.
– It’s totally different from what I expected.
– I’m also surprised.
– It’s a creation of nature.
– Do you mean that’s deep by its nature?
– And also by its function.
– The key is meaningless without doors.
– Ontology and Teleology.
– Essence and Light.
– Harmony and Perfection.
– It’s a discovery for me.
– What can I say?
– The light is visible in the dark. The essence is visible in the mind.
– Everything has a double meaning.
– An old and a new.