84730 - Early

N. Lygeros

– You don’t need to ask.
– We always want it.
– Noted.
– I love when pleasure meets beauty.
– It’s another kind of alloy.
– Fermions and bosons.
– What do you mean exactly?
– I don’t see the  relation.
– If you want to touch you need fermions.
– And if you want to see only bosons.
– Is it correct?
– Essence is related to the first ones.
– And Light to the second ones.
– Alive souls are the combination…
– And it’s pretty one.
– You never told this before.
– Yes, I don’t remember that.
– This is why I heard your comment.
– About what?
– Earlier?
– About my eyes…
– They are open to our world.
– That’s why they are full of light.