84731 - Essential gift

N. Lygeros

– With essence it is possible to touch the beauty.
– With light it is possible to feel the source.
– This comes from the harmony.
– Is there a relation with perfection?
– At least from the beauty?
– Perfection is the core of harmony.
– That’s why we can feel it.
– Like orgasm in love.
– Like ecstasy in faith.
– The essential gift is for the key…
– When the key opens the world.
– It is the gift of the sky to the sea.
– To overcome the obstructions.
– And to be fulfilled with pleasure.
– Pleasure and beauty are also linked.
– So when someone denies the first.
– He does the same thing with the second.
– In fact it’s a way to mind beauty.
– So when we receive pleasure…
– It’s a shield for beauty.
– That’s why the gift is essential.
– And now I understand why I love it so much.
– It’s made for us.
– The kiss of soul.