84732 - Hand’s essence

N. Lygeros

– I didn’t expect to see the essence in the hand.
– It was a double gift.
– Firstly the offer and secondly the icon.
– All the essence in one fist.
– And the first for the gift.
– The essence on the light side.
– A star for the darkness.
– It’s like the yin and yang.
– It’s always about harmony.
– It was perfect in the hand.
– Visible to the souls.
– Sensible to the lives.
– How close to the Eucharist!
– Sacred gift.
– Pure good.
– And no compromise.
– As always.
– Holistic essence.
– I was ready to taste it.
– I was ready to drink it.
– It was the same for me.
– With ours gift.
– The new world.
– For the old universe.