84733 - The end of Ignorance

N. Lygeros

– The separated knowledge is meaningless.
– Everything is connected.
– In the sense of harmony.
– It’s much more important than I thought.
– Maybe it’s the biggest discovery.
– This is the end of ignorance.
– We thought that we were aware…
– It was only an infinitesimal part.
– Big dragons don’t die.
– Is it the same for ideas?
– Faithful ideas?
– Every part of perfection is unbreakable.
– That’s why it looks so tough.
– And at the same time delicious.
– This is the beauty of robustness.
– So we are talking about compatibility.
– We have in us those pieces of perfection.
– You have the light and the essence.
– Like the blood and the body,
– Like the wine and the bread.
– This union is communion.
– We share the one.
– What the one offers.
– Together before ignorance.