84734 - Ubiquity

N. Lygeros

– You lead us from ignorance to truth.
– You lead us from darkness to light.
– The death of life is the immortality of soul.
– It’s like an exploration.
– It’s like a discovery.
– It’s a revelation.
– We saw you after the end.
– We saw you after the achievement.
– It was the beginning of the next step.
– I felt that but I thought that it was impossible.
– I knew it but I couldn’t believe that it was what I saw.
– One more time… Polycyclicity.
– Now I understand what I missed.
– I missed it.
– It’s already in you.
– Because we think of it.
– Because we know now.
– You saw firstly the light of essence.
– And after the essence of light.
– The enlightened  source.
– The quintessence of the essence.
– It was everywhere.
– Inside and outside.
– Ubiquity.