84736 - Totally free

N. Lygeros

– It’s impossible to imagine the life…
– When you are totally free.
– Freedom is totally awesome.
– You mean that’s unbelievable…
– Or do you mean that we need more?
– Knowledge is freedom.
– But if we don’t know, we aren’t free.
– That’s why you said beyond ignorance.
– An accurate statement is always precious.
– So we are before a new bifurcation.
– But now we have the choice.
– The chosen universe is always a gift.
– So the universe is also a question of will.
– Our will is our universe.
– Our universe is harmony.
– We live in harmony but the lack of knowledge does not permit us to see it.
– But we can see with your eyes.
– My vision is your vision.
–  That’s why we can’t see superhistory.
– We had to be opened to discover it.
–  Your minds are opened.
– Openmouthedly…
– This is the best choice.