84737 - The warrior and the souls

N. Lygeros

– Can we realize that we have been saved?
– Only with our freedom, I suppose.
– I’m your warrior for ever.
– And our savior from the beginning.
– The sacred sword and the shield of souls.
– Signs and wonders.
– The rain for thirsty souls.
– The glow of satisfaction for the will.
– The achievement produces pleasure.
– I’m sure about that.
– But this can continue even after.
– Harmony has no limit.
– There is no limit, only dogma.
– We are just limited.
– Until the level of blind faith.
– We were blind.
– Just next to the source.
– The light is always open.
– We just need to feel it.
– Now we valorize it.
– This is the contribution.
– We don’t need to find what we have.
– We just need to keep what we have.
– Protection and diffusion.