84738 - The bolero

N. Lygeros

– I see the signs like a melody…
– Or maybe as a rhythm…
– In any case they don’t stop.
– And their contributions support the evolution.
– We feel the same.
– It’s due to your light.
– Each time we have a problem…
– You find a solution.
– It’s our way to create.
– We give from us…
– Anything we are.
– There is no other way to share the light.
– You drive me crazy.
– It seems that it’s a good point if you want to understand all this stuff.
– There is no collection, only parts of the same harmony.
– I think that this is the most incredible.
– It’s so different from our perception.
– Perception is relevant only when you are free.
– Crazy in love.
– It’s even more efficient.
– Love is the easiest way to feel the most accessible part of harmony.