84739 - Don’t wait

N. Lygeros

– I understand that we don’t have to wait.
– The idea is to be ready.
– Readiness never rushes.
– If we create the future with our choices.
– There is no need to wait for something that we already have.
– This is the value of harmony.
– But why it’s so unknown?
– It’s not just an information.
– You need to be connected with Mankind.
– We are linked to you.
– This is the gift.
– The connection is never closed.
– But to keep it open, work is necessary.
– Is this the key point?
– Keys work with Time.
– That’s why they are so important.
– Only rare persons know how they work.
– Those persons are sufficient.
– Rarity gives joy.
– And pleasure.
– This is the hidden knowledge.
– Like a wonder…
– Like an exception which is natural.