84741 - Exceptional alloy

N. Lygeros

– We aren’t outside you.
– We aren’t different.
– You live in the same harmony.
– We have part of you in us.
– In our mind, in our body, in our soul.
– You taste me, you test me, you drink me.
– With a deep pleasure.
– With a super vision.
– The  nature of exception.
– We are no more alone.
– We are the same.
– The exceptional alloy.
– But without you, it would be impossible.
– But without you, it would be incredible.
– With faith everything is possible.
– We know that now.
– This is the revelation.
– I was made for the souls.
– But you are here.
– Also for our lives.
– I will protect you with my love.
– Do what you want.
– But keep us with you.
– You are in me.