84751 - The sacred oil

N. Lygeros

The olive oil was next to Humanity
for thousand years
and for that reason
it was precious.
With Time it becomes sacred.
Because it was both essence and light.
Its essence was able to produce light.
It was as if the light was already in it.
It was a fact but not an obvious one.
Its body as a fruit had the elements
of essence and light.
All in one, one for all.
Humanity could eat, drink and see with it.
It became naturally sacred
because it was a precious gift.
And it was dedicated to the sacred.
But it remained a human product.
This duality was unique and impressive.
The olive oil was the first.
That’s why even the etymology of oil has as source the olive.
Nearly all the European languages’ words
for oil are from the Greek word.
This is the liquid gold.