84756 - Full of joy

N. Lygeros

A climax is an orgasm.
Usually we say that it’s near the end.
But the end is not necessarily the terminal.
Because it’s not unique.
There is a multiplicity
as it follows the flow of polycyclicity.
Like the books
in a huge library.
The end of the book is the beginning of the next.
In this sense,
the book is not the set of the pages
but the element of the library.
This is the same with ecstasy.
It’s not only the Dirac function.
There is a duration and a continuity.
Because each step
of the transcendental path has
its own value as a stone
but also as a bridge of Time.
That’s why it’s compatible
with its etymology
as a ladder.
So the orgasm is proposition
rising in effectiveness.