84792 - Hold on

N. Lygeros

– Hold on!
– I get it.
– Can you feel it?
– I feel the light everywhere…
– And what about the essence?
– The tower bursts and we see…
– The flow of essence.
– It’s explosive.
– This is the ignition…
– The flashpoint.
– This is the second level.
– That’s why we can see it…
– At the same time.
– There is no more closed game.
– This opening is indeed impressive.
– It’s only a submersion.
– It’s an immersion.
– A real embedding.
– We can see from inside…
– Even the metajoy.
– It’s not a secret but a gift.
– It’s not only an offer but a sign.
– Yes, I can feel it now.
– I feel as you.