84793 - Wonder instrument

N. Lygeros

– It’s really like a wonder instrument.
– It has an unusual tuning.
– And everything is visible.
– This is the matching pitch with us.
– And we saw it alive.
– Yes, from the beginning.
– We got the whole process.
– Nothing hidden.
– Like in classical theatre.
– Like a new opera.
– Made to be played by us.
– In fact, he played as if we were playing.
– In the time mirror.
– Einstein effect.
– Supranatural and natural.
– Due to the exceptional.
– That’s why it made me this impression.
– It was indeed impressive.
– This is the consequence…
– of the second enlightenment.
– It was impossible to imagine it.
– Even after the first one.
– This is the Love of Mankind.