84794 - Beyond imagination

N. Lygeros

– I spoke to him.
– Really? What did he say?
– That the souls were lovely.
– I feel so good.
– It’s the same for me.
– And what else?
– It was beyond imagination…
– Tell me more!
– To see the bodies of the souls…
– Full of light.
– It worked perfectly and it had…
– What?
– A catalytic effect…
– Wow! That’s why it was so explosive.
– It was the perfect timing.
– I felt the harmonics of the instrument.
– With the passion of Bach…
– And Vivaldi.
– Both of them and twice.
– I will see the traces.
– What do you mean?
– I know each corner of that place.
– It looks so familiar.
– Like Heaven.