84796 - Stand up

N. Lygeros

– Nice choice.
– I know that you wanted, too.
– You are tight. I love it.
– It’s possible to see the whole.
– Even if we like any detail.
– But we want his bearing.
– The whole light.
– And the essence.
– It’s a way to see the vision.
– It recalls heraldry.
– The heavy armour of light.
– The deep sword of essence.
– How his hands are so symbolic.
– It’s a question of dexterity.
– For the both.
– Each one has its function.
– They don’t do the same work.
– Warrior of Mankind.
– Always.
– That’s why it’s fascinating.
– Because even the code of the book
– is a book.
– Another proof of the existence of polyciclicity.
– We can see it.