84798 - Multiple dexterity

N. Lygeros

– Every step is a new information.
– We think that we know everything.
– But he always shows us something new.
– This is the never ending knowledge.
– I don’t know but it’s certainly related to the power of polycyclicity.
– By the way, I feel it.
– The pleasure, the joy and the metajoy belong to this sacred knowledge.
– It’s open but you have to reach its level.
– He is always here with us for that.
– It’s incredible.
– What?
– We are asking him something that we want.
– And he always gives us more than that.
– This is the essence of his being.
– I know it, of course.
– But it remains incredible.
– This is the depth of love.
– I imagined its size.
– But its dimension is even bigger.