84799 - Index and indices

N. Lygeros

– The steel fingers reminds trinity.
– What he can do with three fingers.
– It looks like a fighter.
– But he’s a warrior.
– And this is a big difference.
– We can see his body with the stigmata.
– But this makes him even stronger.
– He’s not only a survivor.
– He’s a savior.
– His wonder body has the signs of the saved souls.
– No damage, just a symbol.
– But this symbol means many things.
– It creates Indices…
– With his index.
– It’s not just a table or a list.
– But a part of his being.
– That’s why we hang on every word.
– On every gesture.
– Because we know that everything has a meaning.
– Which is always deep.
– It’s not just a promise or an action.
– But an act of the work.