848 - Thrace as a central hub of the European Union and the Balkans

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Although one of the main impediments of the development and evolution of Thrace is its geographical position, it is possible to transform it from a serious disadvantage to a potential advantage. With the collapse of the eastern system which was an economic barrier to trades with Thrace, with the opening of the borders that formed permanently work structures and positive paths of accession to Bulgaria and Romania, Thrace represents thereon a geopolitical hub.
In other words, even if we don’t emphasize on the population matter, the location is in itself is significant. Moreover, if we examine the nature side of Thrace, the region is one of the most remarkable even we remain limited to it’s rural or to it’s tourism sector. Therefore, there is an objective development context. So, the subject is the human factor as a total system. However, it mustn’t be examined only locally as it belongs in a geostrategic field and is a reference point both historically and militarily.
The existence of multi populations in the region is not necessarily a major problem since the European Union functions within a cosmopolitan context. Even if there are local and internal problems, like in any isolated society, the anticipated changes in the region can easily transform those into positives.
Because the mobility of the population will consequently be greater if it is less constrained by the current border in the northern part of Thrace, which will be a dynamic access to the Mediterranean for the two Balkan countries.
Therefore Thrace as a whole unit and system must make significant strategic decisions regarding it’s future, taking in to account anticipated events so that it may lead in local innovations in various fields, which will inevitably have an effect on a national level because of the specificity of the Thracian position. There is a very positive time frame that should be used intelligently in order to find the solution before a problem arises.