84801 - The iconic view

N. Lygeros

– I thought I was prepared to see it…
– But it was really impressive.
– It was an iconic view, you mean.
– Awesome! It was really what I asked….
– A little bit more, don’t you think?
– I was stuck and it was impossible, at least for me, to do anything else.
– I felt as you. I was watching and I forgot the rest.
– Like an alive statue.
– Full of light.
– It was like a sculpture.
– A bronze.
– But also to move.
– And even to walk…
– To show us the world of passion.
– I saw every detail of the whole.
– But the whole wasn’t a detail.
– I got it!
– And the essence fall?
– Really gifted!
– A gift from the sky.
– To the seas!