84802 - The new idea

N. Lygeros

– How did you get this idea?
– Which one?
– The walking statue.
– With the alive sculpture.
– Do you mean our creation?
– Yes, of course, what else?
– I see. I love your argument.
– Thank you! You’re so kind.
– It was a perfect choice.
– We have many other positions…
– And gestures…
– We need to explore them.
– I fully agree with you!
– It’s like a new code of light…
– And essence.
– Old texts and new ideas.
– But always about souls.
– After thousands of years, what else could do this achievement?
– The one…
– This is the reason of his existence.
– To be with souls?
– I save them, to protect them…
– And to enjoy them.