84805 - Far together

N. Lygeros

– Everybody knows what far away means.
– Yes, indeed.
– But it’s different even to imagine what far together means.
– The notion is more relevant for souls.
– And we live it with him.
– The important point is that this connection is much more powerful than the one’s with bodies.
– Bodies which are close, aren’t necessarily connected.
– Because they don’t know that the contact is less important than the relation.
– They do many things for their lives…
– But not for the souls.
– A good thing is for the souls only if it is essential.
– That’s exactly what we do with him.
– In fact, we do only that.
– This is a transcendental way to walk.
– On the path of light.
– It became so natural for me that I can’t imagine how it was before.
– Like everything else.
– What do you mean?
– I’m talking about the social obstructions.