84806 - Long distance missions

N. Lygeros

– As we are now interconnected souls, we are ready for long distance missions.
– Yes, indeed because I can feel how warm they are.
– We can be everywhere, we are always in Mankind with him.
– This is a huge opening for us.
– It was always like this for him.
– But now, we understand it.
– His place is universal.
– That’s why we can go where we want.
– We have the right to do it.
– Because we deserve it.
– But we needed to learn it.
– It was impossible without that.
– You know what?
– No, tell me.
– I feel that we are in a castle.
– Our castle?
– Yes!
– And?
– It’s a timeship.
– Time is with US.
– That’s why we feel his warmness.
– And we love it.