84808 - The Castle of Time

N. Lygeros

– So the Castle isn’t located in space.
– It’s living in Time.
– That’s why it’s compatible with him and us.
– It reminds me kind of…
– Ashram or Capernaum, you don’t know.
– You are in my mind.
– In any case it’s a timeship.
– For that, I’m sure.
– Ok, let’s talk about that like him.
– With his Vision?
– Exactly. In each mission there is a space for us.
– Do you mean a room?
– A room with a view.
– A room from an hotel…
– A room for strangers.
– A room from somewhere dedicated to the others.
– Like us.
– Imagine now, that this room it’s in fact the same.
– A manifold as a room.
– A room of the castle.
– Everywhere we are in the same room.
– With the same characteristics.
– But always different.