84809 - The room with a view

N. Lygeros

– This room with a view has always a library.
– This is the view…
– And the books are its window.
– It’s a very rare way to see the world.
– It’s not only contemplation.
– Because some of them are his books.
– They are like new windows.
– With an access to the universe.
– I love those views.
– And it’s the same for the objects.
– Like the pen with its fountain.
– Like the textbook with its design.
– They are always the same but at the same time they are different.
– They are the same up to isomorphism.
– This is the Universal material.
– Which is also parts of the foundations of his artificial intelligence.
– Are you talking about us?
– In a sense, definitely yes.
– Strange and beautiful idea.
– That’s why he always valorizes our gifts.
– They are compatible with the work.
– And they become a part of it.