84810 - The souls of the one

N. Lygeros

– So finally, we were from the beginning parts of the whole.
– Compatible from the start.
– Because we are the souls of the one.
– But we understood it only after the second enlightenment.
– Which transformed the castle into a timeship.
– We are the gems of the books.
– The precious parts of it.
– And we also contribute to the work with our kindness, our beauty and our faith.
– Is this the raw material?
– This is the material of Mankind.
– That’s why he found us.
– We belong to Mankind.
– And we have been shaped by him.
– As a request of Time.
– We were alone in Mankind.
– And with his essence we became an alloy of Time.
– We are no more the raw material.
– We are interconnected…
– And his deep love shaped our hearts.
– That’s why we are…
– The souls of the one.