84819 - Inside the Castle

N. Lygeros

The Castle was the shield of the Citadelle
and the Citadelle the protection of the harbour.
This was the exterior part of its armour.
But the interior was even more important
because it was already a port
of the northern civilization.
The paintings, the tapisserie
and the interior design
were full of history.
Traces of Time, inside the Castle.
As another world within the world.
A confined world in the open one
where the beauty is omnipresent
as a justification of the truth.
The resistance was needed
because it had to save
the civilization of the North
from the attacks of barbarity.
This was the duty of the citadelle.
That’s why after many centuries
a man of stone appears in front of it
because he shows the way to do it
and to belong to the superhistory.