84825 - The musical world

Ν. Λυγερός

It’s not obvious
but the musical world is totally connected to Time
and very little to space.
That’s why it’s an efficient substrate for the resistance
when willingness exists.
People have to be active
to understand this world.
This is the only way to feel the connection.
If someone just hears without any contribution
he will get only the beauty of sounds
but not the deep beauty of music.
The participation is the first step
of the contribution.
That’s why barbarity hates the freedom of music.
When someone understands this point,
he is on the way to change
and to want to fight also for that
because it’s a request of Time
and a gift for Humanity.
The souls were connected with him
also through the music
because the conductor can keep this link
with all the instruments
of the orchestra.