84830 - Combinations and Permutations

Ν. Λυγερός

The permutations have a low information.
The combinations have already a structure.
This structure is no less free.
In fact, it is the essence.
The essence is freedom up to isomorphism.
It’s important to see that
to avoid the confusion
between the freedom and the lack of structure.
This schema is crucial in deep learning.
The work isn’t any move.
It’s a selected move
which is irreversible
in order to create something new
and unknown before its existence.
Like geometry, the vision is a selection.
This selection has to be done freely
but at the end with intelligence.
It’s the same
with compatibility of souls
with the work.
Everyone is free to create a relation
but a link needs a compatibility with Time.
The combination of memory and intelligence is structured in Time.