84835 - The sacred bells

N. Lygeros

The sacred bells were ringing in the harbour
and the whole musical landscape changed.
The rain and the bells worked as a signal.
The fjord was now totally open
to be filled by the essence of History.
It wasn’t just a contact with the metal
but a kiss from the bronze.
This link was even more clear.
It was the expression of freedom
but also of the universal choice of the light.
For the souls it was another new fact
which created an act
and not only an action.
The armour of light was ready to go
even deeper in the fjords
because it was a necessity
for the refoundation of the History
with the help of superhistory.
The souls were also ready
and they couldn’t wait anymore
to see the essence and the light
even in the deepest fjord
of the northern way
because they knew that it was iconic.