84841 - From the darkness to the light

N. Lygeros

Everything was invisible in the darkness.
And after even the fog was an obstacle.
But step by step, as temperature went down,
the sun started to shine.
And the whole vision changed.
The train was stopping at each little station of its path.
It was an initiatique journey
which became a mission
for the discovery of the fjords.
Time to time, it was possible to see wooden houses.
And the trees of the forest became more and more
in this huge green landscape
just below the skyline.
It was like a painting which never stops.
Everything was alive.
The nature was talking to him
and he was writing for his souls
to have a trace of each moment
and to transform it in a precious event.
The beautiful green of the Nature was changing
all the time.
It was organic and complex
like a painting of Vincent van Gogh
or Sörenberg.