84853 - Creamy mussels

N. Lygeros

In the other side of the land,
the first thing that he saw
was the colorful hospitality of the houses.
They were no more in one color.
Their diversity and their compatibility were
parts of the same harmony.
In the harbour, this harmony was everywhere
even in the meal of hospitality.
Creamy mussels.
The speciality attracted him
with its iconic shape.
Everything was made to augment
the perfume of the mussels.
As they were totally open
they were also filled with cream.
It was therefore impossible to resist
to this exciting view
but when he tasted them
not only his lips but also with his lips
he recognized their beauty
and his willingness was bigger
than temptation.
He sucked them until the end
and drank their cream
before the finishing.