84855 - In the port of the ocean

N. Lygeros

He saw the signs in the port of the ocean.
The fjord made the junction between
the hill and the ocean.
He was inside this junction, deep in its core.
He heard at last, the call of rimbaud.
His poem was prophetic.
He could feel it now in this place.
By the way, he discovered that the hill wasn’t unique
and this point became compatible
with the vowels.
But he remarked that a crucial p0int was missing.
It wasn’t a detail
but a relevant lack.
So he decided to set-up it.
It was stiff, swollen
and sticking up
because it was aroused
by his mind.
The missing point became a sign.
And this wonderful transformation
changed the concept of the port
because its sense was deeper.
And the beauty came
from its mastering.